I would vote for SDP

Sharing this blog as it lists many valid and strong reasons to vote for Dr Chee Soon Juan. It also debunks the threats and myths that Bukit Batok residents may lose their upgrading if they do vote for him. Let’s get this straight, BB will still get the upgrading as they are already in the works. Secondly, please remember you are not voting in an estate manager but an MP who is involved in much bigger issues including debating vitall policies that affect all of us.

Some of you may have misgivings due to the negative impression created by the PAP and the MSM,. Ask yourself how valid is that stigma?

Do consider voting for Chee because it is indisputable that he does have the courage to stand up to the mighty PAP and the intellect to speak up for us in Parliament. He does have the determination to speak up against policies that are not good for us. Lastly, he has shown that he does genuinely have our interests at heart. We can count on him to add more diverse and balanced views to the debates in Parliament.

BB residents, this is a win-win situation for you. Vote for Chee and you get the loving attention of not one but two Parties. Vote for a better future for Singaporeans please.

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I lived in Bukit Batok from 1985 to 2007.  If I were still a resident of Bukit Batok, I would vote for Dr Chee.

For as long as I have been eligible to vote, I have voted for an opposition candidate for the primary reason that there is a need to bring some balance to Parliament.  The motivation has not been about replacing the PAP immediately as the government of the day but about having sufficient number of non-PAP MPs in Parliament.  2 reasons:  Diversity of views & Checks and balances.

Diversity of views and ideas is sorely lacking in our Parliament and debates in Parliament regularly echo the same thought processes, the same arguments and the same assumptions.  Non-PAP MPs from multiple parties will help to introduce that diversity into Parliament.  WP MPs do provide alternative ideas in Parliament but they tend to be weak-voiced not due to the…

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