Healthcare Financing: Tweaks or Tricks?

JentrifiedC– Agree with Singaporearmchaircritic, our government needs to take on a bigger role and spend more on healthcare to lighten the people’s burden.

Singapore Armchair Critic

In his 2013 Budget announcement earlier this year, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said the government would look into lowering Singaporeans’ out-of-pocket health spending.

On Sunday evening, we learned more about how this may be achieved through Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s 2013 National Day Rally (NDR) speech. In summary, these are the tweaks to healthcare financing Singaporeans can expect in future:

  • Medisave usage will be expanded to more medical conditions;
  • Medishield coverage, renamed Medishield Life, will extend to those above 90 and will be universal. It will be expanded to include those with pre-existing illnesses;
  • There is no opting out of Medishield Life and premiums will be higher;
  • A “Pioneer Generation Package” will be introduced to help elderly Singaporeans in their late 60s and above pay for their premiums under Medishield Life;
  • Medisave contribution rate will increase;
  • State spending on healthcare will increase;
  • The Community Health Assist Scheme will…

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2 Responses to Healthcare Financing: Tweaks or Tricks?

  1. nelsonmandala says:

    which patient ever leave a hospital WITHOUT payin 1 single cent?..
    beside the ministers and their families..somemore XPRESS checkin no waitin consultations
    ok ok government civil servants and big blood regular donors…
    the rest of the peasant$..u dont pay u dont come back hor..(as though it might be a 1 time consulation/treatment)… i remembered the last time i was treated for a fractured leg while bein in active NS…the hospital hound me countless time for the returns of the olden recycled wooden clutches(today u buy them upon checkout)

  2. andyxianwong says:

    It was revealed recently that the enhancements to CHAS will cost a huge … ten million dollars. PM Lee already told us that improvements to Medishield will apparently have to be paid for with higher premiums. It has to be. But the .gov locally reported budget surplus was 3.6 billion. Using IMF standards, the budget surplus was actually reported to be 36 billion. Wow! 10 million on 3.6 billion, or 36 billion. Generous!

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