Ravi Philemon spreading rumours? Or ministers trying to score political points?

Jentrified C – This commentary exposes the Hypocrisy of our government. Anyone who bothers to follow the facts and think through the issues can see through the posturing, spin and deliberate misrepresentations. It is despicable how low down some of our politicians have become. They try to portray themselves as paragon while often twisting facts. They must think very little of Singaporeans to behave in such a hypocritical manner.


It is a bit strange to accuse others of causing panic when it is one’s own action (or lack of) and other circumstances which are the real cause.

When the Pollutants Standards Index (PSI) breached the 300-mark for the first time on Wednesday, 19 June, it was the worst reading in Singapore’s history. That level of pollutants in the air also brought S’pore’s air quality into the “hazardous” zone. The PSI was 321.

The next day, Thursday, 20 June, that record-high mark was again breached when the PSI rose to 371.

The Ministry of Health had to reassure the public that there was enough masks to go round. On the same day, the Government announced that it was setting up a Haze Inter-Ministerial Committee (HIMC), to be led by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

The next day, Friday, 21 June, the air quality was a stunning PSI of 401.

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