Major Online Websites in Singapore to Protest Against Licensing Requirement

Jentrified – Major socio-political websites and leading activists in Singapore have banded together to denounce the latest legislation announced by MDA which is aimed at silencing critics of the PAP-run government. Many bloggers like myself fully support the protest against MDA’s new rule. We will stay united against the shocking tyranny that is being dished out by this government. Enough is enough of being treated with total disrespect and disregard for our human and civil rights.

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The Media Development Authority had, on Tuesday, introduced a “licensing framework” that would require “online news sites” to put up a “performance bond” of $50,000 and “comply within 24 hours to MDA’s directions to remove content that is found to be in breach of content standards”.

As part of the community of websites in Singapore that provide sociopolitical news and analysis to Singaporeans, we are concerned about the impact of the newly-introduced requirement on fellow Singaporeans’ ability to receive diverse news information.

While the S$50,000 performance bond is a drop in the ocean for a mainstream news outlet with an online presence, it would potentially be beyond the means of volunteer run and personal blogging platforms like ours. Hence, MDA’s claim that the licensing regime is intended to equalize the playing field between online and offline news is incorrect:…

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5 Responses to Major Online Websites in Singapore to Protest Against Licensing Requirement

  1. Jake says:

    Ostrich mentality. Shut up the dissenting voices and their little universe will return back to normal. But the next time day learn of Singaporeans’ unhappiness will be via the ballot box.

    • It is shocking how unenlightened they are for supposedly smart and well educated people. One possibility is that the master puppeteer is behind his weak son and pushing for the knucklebuster approach. But this is no excuse for the rest of the Ministers to support this sort of tyranny. They are truly out of touch with reality and out of touch with how to govern well in this new world,

  2. xaviour says:

    they are actually shooting themselves in the foot for trying to clamp down. they
    have been alerted to so many areas in which this country can do much better thru
    the net. so many policies that need to be re-examined, so Spore can forge ahead.

    isn’t that far better than silence, and then, suddenly, all hell breaks loose? that
    could be quite ugly for the economy, let’s not talk of the effect on the people,
    and of course, the ruling political party.

  3. aparteih says:

    why dont the partriachson party act liked gestapo and round up every independent journalists and blogger
    into the former national satdium shoot the bloogers and bulldozed their carcass under the rubbles just like the south american dictators did it in the early 60s

    • They can’t as that would be murder and they do not have the balls for it. They can only behanve insidiously to comtrol the people and do shady things like ban all protests and redraw electoral boundaries.

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