“Fair consideration” – a govt pleads

JENTRIFIED Citizen – I just have to share this blog post by Andrew because it expresses what I feel about the Feeble framework on hiring introduced by the Ministry of Manpower . Why has our country descended into this pathetic stage where we have to implore employers Not to discriminate against hiring Singaporeans just cos they have easy access to millions of cheaper foreigners who are allowed by our weak govt to work here? And why did MOM have to keep apologising as it were to employers to assure them it is not aboit hiring us first??? What kind of government treats employers and businesseses like Kings and citizens like a burden? ONLY the GDP obssessed PAP goverment. It is galling and insulting to be mistreated in our very own country. Shame on PM Lee and his band of culprits. And shame on ex PM LKY for breeding such wrong mindsets and a society that discriminates against the people and the poor.


What stood out for me with regards to the Fair Consideration Framework, announced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on 23 September, were these two lines in the ministry’s press release, attributed to Mr Tan Chuan Jin:

“The framework is not about ‘Hire Singaporeans First, or Hire Singaporeans Only’. What the government is doing is to help them get a fair opportunity.”

The same minister had said, in May, that like TAFEP, he preferred to use the “moral suasion approach to tackle the issue of discrimination at the workplace.”

Mr Tan “was quick to add that for now, the Government prefers to stick to its approach of persuading companies to change. It “is working for us”, he said, as the root cause of discrimination in Singapore is employers’ mindsets.” 

His latest about-turn seems to imply that the “moral suasion” route in fact is not working, but at the same time…

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One Response to “Fair consideration” – a govt pleads

  1. nelsonmandala says:

    leekingyou doesn’t believed in givin out FREE lunches..
    butt he himself help his WHOLE family in istana for free weekends brunches/bbq…
    thats the KING amon king in Asean…
    even North Korea Kim wouldn’t go to that xtreme…

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