On Integrity, Hypocrisy & Setting Bad Examples at Bukit Batok By-election


When leaders set a bad example – PM Lee and Minister Grace Fu continues the demonising of Dr Chee Soon Juan during the Bukit Batok by-election.

For those who are unaware, the persecution of SDP’s chief Dr Chee Soon Juan has been going on for over 20 years! And the PAP leaders are still at it, doing their unethical best to demonise this man without any regard to how their attacks would affect Chee’s wife, his children and his parents.

It was really shameful to see our Prime Minister and senior ministers behave in a despicable manner during the Bukit Batok by-election. Ministers Grace Fu and Halimah Yacob continued the PAP’s bashing of Dr Chee Soon Juan last night at the Bukit Batok rally. They threw various slurs at him such as mocking him for being “unemployed” and for being rude to former PM Goh Chok Tong, something that happened eons ago.

It is very ironic and hypocritical that we have highly educated Singaporeans buying into the character assassination of Chee based on what the PAP-govt have claimed and what the local MSM have reported including over some flimsy allegations. Yet these same people have never spoken up against the numerous unethical actions committed by Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP against the citizens (including likening us to dogs)  and against hundreds of innocents who were jailed for opposing them.

So it is really laughable to hear PAP supporters and some Ministers bitch about petty little things like Chee being rude to Goh ONCE when they have never objected to the numerous reprehensible injustices committed by the PAP leaders against the people of Singapore.

The top leader of this country PM Lee Hsien Loong also joined in the demonising of Dr Chee during a support visit to Bukit Batok the morning after the BE rally. During media interviews, Lee disparaged Chee (which was unsurprising). What was shocking was he actually called Chee crazy when there is no truth to it!

Quote LHL: “So, when I read the Wanbao interview with Dr Chee I was saddened but not surprised. Because he is not sorry for anything he did. He is not – he is proud of his record, he is proud of his craziness streak. And yet when he comes today, he presents himself as a changed man.”


Does he look or sound crazy in any way?

Bad habits die hard indeed. LKY used to excel in sticking labels on people to stigmatise them and now Lee junior is continuing with this tradition. In 1988, ex-President of Singapore Devan Nair wrote in his letter to LKY :”Your genius for sticking labels on people does Singapore no good. The truth of things often requires the removal of the labels on them. Nowhere more so than in the brand of politics you have developed. Thanks to you, Singapore has rapidly become a vivid illustration of the political adage: ‘Give a dog a bad name and hang it’.”


As a citizen of this country, I hope my fellowmen and women realise that such leaders who indulge in ad hominem attacks set a deplorable example for their country and even more so for their supporters. When they behave deplorably in an adversarial manner in attacking their critics it sets the tone for their supporters.

This may explain why the PAP supporters have also adopted such an unpleasant adversarial behaviour online.  It is evident online in the increasingly hostile way in which they defend the PAP and in the way they attack in droves in an arrogant and  patronising manner to mock those who dare criticise the ruling party.

The growing nastiness of the PAP and their supporters is troubling. This is becoming a nation increasingly divided. We do not need such hostility to worsen the cracks. Where is the civility and graciousness that was preached by the government? What will happen to the unity and harmony of Singaporeans if such hostile behaviour continues to be encouraged by the ruling party?

PM Lee also called Chee hypocritical.

There are no greater hypocrites than the PM and his PAP gang in the way they constantly preach integrity while abusing their power and indulging in actions that smack of no integrity.

  • These politicians draw the highest pay in the world for a government while mocking Chee for being “unemployed” (in reality he has been working hard by supporting his family through his writings despite being demonised by the PAP).
  • They play the race card in politics and at BB by-election while claiming that Singapore is not ready for an Indian PM.
  • They use all sorts of dirty tactics to destroy their most vocal critics and to fix the opposition parties.
  • They go against our Constitution in oppressing the people’s right to free speech; they have jailed hundreds of innocents without fair trial.
  • And they shamelessly milk the state-funded island-wide People’s Association resources to promote PAP and their leaders while dispensing questionable benefits in return to supportive grassroots leaders.

These are but some examples in a long list of their litany of sins.

In closing, allow me to quote PM Lee who said it is”completely wrong and bad” in reference to those calling on Chinese voters to pick a candidate on racial lines. I agree.  It is indeed “completely wrong and bad” to pick any political candidate – including the next Prime Minister – based on race. It is also “completely wrong and bad” to call an opponent crazy when he is not.

Hypocrisy and Integrity? You, PAP leaders, are not worthy to even mention these words.

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5 Responses to On Integrity, Hypocrisy & Setting Bad Examples at Bukit Batok By-election

  1. Reblogged this on ickacangmachinecom and commented:
    it is sad when our PM loses his own integrity. I am ashamed of him. It makes me want to act, in real life, not just on stage. to take action, to do something. I’ve never liked the idea of being involved in politics before. Now I think, I feel, I must.

    • I believe many of us felt like you. We have no choice but to make a stand now as the country will be ruined by the PAP and their unethcial actions if they continue to have unfettered power to do as they like.

      • But how exactly are we to do that? I was one of those gullible nincompoops who thought that the last GE would be significantly different from all others. It was! Only different from what we thought. And I for one don;t believe that it had anything to do with sentiments over LKY’s passing or “new citizens”, as had been justified by a few “keyboard warriors”. The PAP was given overwhelming support which even surprised the PM himself! What the @#$% is wrong with Singaporeans?!! All you bloggers out there have done well on writing about the ills in the dominant party, and almost each and every blog entry have seen support from readers, yet the outcome is the inverse of all expectations. And now this BB by-election. I have been an ardent supporter of Dr. Chee since he came to the limelight almost a quarter century ago. He is definitely one of the very few politicians, academics, and scholars known and respected internationally. I personally feel he would make a much better PM for Singapore than our PM Lee. He is definitely a much better public speaker than most in Singapore. But that’s just me! I’m not a BB resident, and, hence, have no say in this by-election. I earnestly hope and pray that Dr. Chee wins this one, however, I have this terrible feeling that we may yet again see a mini reenactment of the 2015 GE. God forbid!!!

      • Many of us share your disappointment regarding the last GE. However, that 69.9% win was a surprise even to the PAP. I do believe that result was due to a confluence of factors including the LKY factor and the last min saboing strategy to make voters think that the opposition would win many seats which could have affected the fence-sitters at the last min.

        History has shown that no regime lasts forever especially wicked dictatorships. It is a challenge to unseat PAP from their majority in Parliament for sure but every change needs to start with generating awareness and we must keep going and hoping. It may be two steps forward one step back but I do believe progress has been made. Just look at the public’s perception of Dr Chee. He was stigmatised for many many years but the perception of him in the past few years has improved significantly. Change is works-in-progress. Don’t get disheartened which is what the PAP wants. Think positive and stay positive my friend.

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