Compassion Deficit: Singapore Ruling Elite’s Attitude towards the Poor

Jentrified Citizen – The one thing the PAP government lacks is heart. This shows in the heartless way they treat the citizens, the poor and needy and in the way they hold us ransom through fear and dirty tactics over the decades.

Singapore Armchair Critic

Hong Kong has a hugely popular reality television show that invites the city’s yuppies and tycoons to experience the life of the underclass. For a few days, affluent participants of “The Battle of the Poor Rich” (窮富翁大作戰) had a taste of the daily struggles of the homeless, the sweeper, the garbage collector, the eatery helper, and the single mother etc. trying to stay afloat in one of Asia’s most expensive cities.

(Cantonese with Chinese subtitles).

In one episode, a power broker spent barely a few hours collecting garbage before he asked the show’s producer to give him a less tedious job. Another young businessman who gamely took up the challenge of sleeping on the streets and earning his keep, shed tears of frustration when he lost his job as a eatery helper after working half a day.He said this after a sobering night as a homeless:


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2 Responses to Compassion Deficit: Singapore Ruling Elite’s Attitude towards the Poor

  1. Winking Doll says:

    Here in B.C., Canada, there was a “MLA Welfare Challenge” — MLA is Members of the Legislative Assembly (i.e. elected BC provincial politicians).

    MLA Jagrup Brar from Surrey took up the challenge in 2012. Quote from webiste: Tuesday, February 1, after a last night ‘couch surfing’ in Surrey, Jagrup Brar ended his month of living on the welfare rate of $610. He lost 26 pounds in weight, ended up $7 in debt and had to sell his backpack to have enough money to take the Skytrain back to Surrey.

    This is how serious politicians take their jobs here in B.C., Canada. In contrast to what Singapore Minister for MCYS Dr Vivian Balakrishnan replied in 25 April 2007 to a request by MP Dr Lily Neo’s beseeching for a small increase in the welfare for the poor, “How much do you want? Do you want 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?”

  2. nelsonmandala says:

    i remembered the last time many many hongkies celebreties/millionaires did a charity run for the poor on 1 fine sunday mornin..
    singapoor mediacorpse do the same or not? or juz wayan wayan for the presidential cup nia?

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