Black Friday – White Paper got passed against the people’s wishes

Today is a Black Friday for Singaporeans as the much criticised White Paper proposal got passed in Parliament.  I felt very sad and angry that our government had totally disregarded the national heartfelt outcry by the citizens.  By passing the motion to allow a plan to reduce our Singapore core to less than 50% and to up our population to an unimaginable 7 million in 17 years, the PAP- government is telling us – “Singaporeans, we don’t care what you think”. National Conversation be damned.

Do we let them go just like this? No, we should show them just how angry and disappointed the people are and how steadfast we are against the White Paper. It may have been passed in Parliament but that is just on paper for now. It is up to us to push them, like they have been pushing us, to listen to the people and halt their plan before it seriously damages Singapore’s future. We can continue to speak up and also push for a National Referendum on the White Paper.

The People must decide on this major national matter. It is too important to leave it to a small self-serving and myopic political group to decide, especially not when they have shown little inclination nor creativity in seeking real solutions for our national issues.

Singaporeans, let us unite and show we are no pushovers. This is our country, not the Lee’s, not PAP’s. This country belongs to Singaporeans. We should shape the country we want.

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