Fake alarms from fake news

Indeed, we expect the PAP-controlled government to seize this Trump-spawned opportunity to scaremonger and lead Singaporeans into thinking that anything critical about the G and the PAP is “fake news”. They and only they are the unadulterated truth, the way and the holy grail in their minds. From implementing the Protection from Harassment Act under the guise of protecting the vulnerable to trying to define the Government as a person to benefit from the POHA law to suing and jailing vocal dissenters what wouldn’t the PAP do to protect its power? Watch next how they will use the political tactic du jour to shoot down critical blog posts and online articles as “fake news” while trying to cover the real truth with their own “alternative facts”. Actually our G is already adroit at doing this kind of dirty politics. But they will step it up while riding on the Trump battle cries. – .Jentrified Citizen

Yawning Bread


As the contestation over the “alternate facts” so beloved by the Trump administration crescendoes — as it surely will over the coming months — the Singapore government will see more opportunities to import the same arguments into Singapore as a means of heightening censorship. The twist will be that our government will claim that their “facts” are facts, whilst their detractors’ views and statements are “fake news” or falsehoods, conveniently swapping the positions of government and opposition in the American debate.

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One Response to Fake alarms from fake news

  1. observor says:

    It’s true! Alex’s prediction is coming thru….

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