A masterclass in authoritarianism. Or how to criminalise your critics overnight.

Jentrified – The way our govt rams through such laws is appalling. This would have been challenged by irate citizens in other developed countries. Here, do we even have any recourse to turn to the courts for justice? You all know the answer.


The government of Singapore this week delivered a masterclass in authoritarian law making by imposing draconian licensing requirements on their most independent and vocal of critics. In a country often noted to lack avenues for freedom of expression, and one where practically all mainstream media is controlled by the government, online commentators had until this week enjoyed a limited amount of latitude to engage in both fair and sometimes scathing criticism. That all changes under the recently announced new licensing system, wherein local news and commentary websites will be forced to post an onerous good behaviour bond of S$50,000 and acquiesce to any government mandated “take down” notices within 24 hours. It was subsequently also reported that flouting the new regulations could land the owners of a website in jail for up to three years or on the hook for a S$200,000 fine.

Many observers have offered the reassurance that…

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