Jentrified- agree with this blogger, Why do we Singaporeans have to prove anything, and to who may I ask? Prove to him the editor or to the government or to his royal Leeness? Singaporeans do not need to prove anything nor be apologetic for speaking up and defending their rights. And please don’t go telling us to be grateful. The Government is elected and very well paid to do a job that comes with many perks. I would be grateful if they were forced into the job and did it for free or low pay and fought for the rights of citizens and have no thought of benefitting for their own glory, power and wealth. But are there any among the MIW?

Thoughts of a Cynical Investor

On 24th February, SunT’s headline on its regular column by SPH’s Managing Editor* screamed: “Who’s out of touch – our leaders or people?”. In slightly smaller lettering,” S’poreans have to also prove that they are not a mollycoddled lot who have forgotten the realities of making a living in this competitive world and how this country made it against the odds.”

It irritated me for three reasons. The obvious one is that S’poreans already know “the realities of making a living in this competitive world”: in the last few years, they have had to put up with minimal increases in real income, escalating property prices** and inflation caused in part by the government’s very liberal immigration policies, amidst  turbulent economic conditions. The immigration policies that only now are being revised: not to reverse the situation, mind you, just  to slow the growth of FTs from the cattle-truck load to a…

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