WP’s Population Paper is Singaporean-centric

The Workers’ Party has shared its population proposal, an alternative to the repugnant White Paper by the government. I had a read through and the main thing that struck me was that the “Blue Paper” focused on Singaporeans unlike the White Paper which was focused on foreigners and economic growth.

The WP’s Blue Paper was Singaporean-centric and gave many suggestions on how to improve the lives and living environment of Singaporeans while tackling the issue of population growth. It analysed various issues from how to improve the lives of children, young couples and the elderly to the environmental and social costs of an overly-dense population with an unhealthy proportion of  foreigners.

Whether the WP’s proposed ideas and scenarios are debatable is a separate issue.  The vital point is that the WP had shown they care about the people by placing Singaporeans at the heart of their proposals.  This, I liked very much. After all, a proposal of such national magnitude is meaningless if it doesn’t show empathy and concern for its citizens.

Read the WP’s paper here – http://www.scribd.com/doc/126850975/WP-Population-Policy-Paper-Feb-2013

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