Tale of Two Chairs


Today’s lead story in the Home News section of  The Straits Times was about two chairs. Yep, you read right – Chair 1 and Chair 2 found on a LRT track. To track down this fascinating super newsy story, ST dedicated an equal number of Two reporters to interview the SMRT and residents living around that area and a GRC MP. It must have been a dry news day as ST gave an entire half page to this story.

But, where is the picture of the Two stars of the report – the Chairs? Were they wooden chairs like the kopitiam type? Were they plastic chairs or the atas sofa type? Oh and were they branded? New or old? Can recycle or not and donate to Red Cross?

I mean, if the editors are going to dedicate half a page worth some $15,000 in 4C, shouldn’t they at least give more juicy details and a photo of the offending objects?

I do hope though if ST decides to finally report on the exciting protest against the 6.9 million population that will be held at Hong Lim Square this Saturday, the editors will be as generous in giving at least a half page coverage to the event. Surely, a protest attended by thousands of people on a matter of national interest is a million times newsier than two chairs?

Oh and please don’t forget to publish a BIG photo of the crowd at the protest. It just ain’t the same without a photo of the subject that you are writing about.

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