Double Standards In Singapore: Only The Government Can Win

Jentrified Citizen – I agree with HeartTruths’ excellent analysis. The unethical acts of biasness and partisanship by our government are becoming so blatant that it is insulting to the people. The elites cannot be above the rule of law and must be held accountable when necessary (Whatever happened to the AIM’s investigation for starters?). Our government really needs a sharp wakeup call to let them know that trust and respect has to be earned. We want exemplary leaders who walk the talk to lead our country, leaders we can truly respect and not hypocritical men and women who are motivated mainly by high pay and preserving their power base.

The Heart Truths

Do you remember when Member of Parliament (MP) Seng Han Thong who in December 2011 had been asked about the SMRT train breakdowns that he had remarked, “I noticed that the PR mentioned that some of the staff because they are Malay, they are Indian, they can’t converse in English good, well enough, so that also deters them, from (sic) but I think we accept broken English.”?

According to Yahoo Singapore, “Under Singapore’s Sedition Act, among other things, it is an offence to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government; and to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore.”

Now, take a look at one of the two comics below, that Demon-cratic Singapore’s Leslie Chew had been arrested for.

Demon-cratic Singapore Malay Population

Credit: Demon-cratic Singapore

Which expression would you consider to be more racist and which would be more likely to “promote feelings of…

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