10 Legends and Myths of Singapore

Jentrified- Fascinating legends of our country that should be kept alive even if they are not taught in schools. We must try to keep our history alive. Do share with your friends and family.

Remember Singapore

Even though we are a young nation, Singapore, like any other countries, has its fare share of legends and myths. Most Singaporeans are aware of the popular folktale of how the name Singapura came about, but what about the other lesser-known legends of Singapore, such as the Merlion, Redhill or Radin Mas?

Let’s find out more…

1. Singapura

Sang Nila Utama, or Sri Tri Buana, was once the ruler of the Srivijaya Empire at Sumatra. According to legends, he went on an expedition in the late 13th century, and discovered an island with white sandy shore. After learning that the place was called Temasik (Temasek), Sang Nila Utama decided to cross the waters to reach this newly discovered land.

However, a storm appeared out of nowhere and nearly capsized the boat. In a desperate attempt, Sang Nila Utama threw his crown into the turbulent waters. The weather and the sea…

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