MARUAH’s Statement on Defamation Law and the Case Against Mr Roy Ngerng

Fully agree. It is shameful to have such a prime minister who is probably the only one in the world to sue a citizen for defamation.

Maruah Singapore

MARUAH, a Human Rights Non-Governmental Organisation, objects to government leaders using the Defamation Law to institute defamation lawsuits against its critics, regardless of whether the offending statement is defamatory or not.

We make these remarks as the court assesses the damages that Mr Roy Ngerng has to pay for the remarks made against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In May 2014 Mr Ngerng, a blogger, was sued by Mr Lee Hsien Loong, whom we assume is acting in his private capacity and not as the Prime Minister. Mr Lee’s lawyers demanded that Mr Ngerng remove the article in question, issue an apology on his blog, and offer compensation to Mr Lee. Mr Ngerng acceded to all the demands, including removing four other articles, and made an offer of S$5,000 as compensation to Mr Lee. Mr Lee’s lawyers, however, dismissed the amount as ‘derisory’, and commenced legal action on 30 May…

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2 Responses to MARUAH’s Statement on Defamation Law and the Case Against Mr Roy Ngerng

  1. Uncle Hua says:

    If a citizen of a country slanders and defames its PM saying his mother is a prostitute, and this PM sues that citizen. So these human rights busy-bodies do-goodies still say the PM should not bring a suit against this crank??? If these chaps still say the PM should not sue, then what the the person says these do-goodies’s mothers are prostitutes? They smile and don’t sue? I am sure they will sue. So, they can sue but not the PM of a country. What sort of logic is this? What double standard???

    • Dear Uncle Hua, we should deal with the facts and not false analogy fallacious arguments. First fact is noboby called PM’s mother a prostitute. She is dead bless her and may she RIP. Fact 2 LHL is a politician and politicians all over the world get criticised. What he has faced here is mild compared to some of the things said about others like Obama. We don’t see other heads of state suing ordinary citizens do we unlike our highly litigious government leaders in Singapore. If he can’t stand the heat of being in a public office, perhaps it is time for LHL to retire. BTW, do read my latest post on hypocrisy and double standards

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