Xenophobia? Clean up your own act before making accusations

With the Singapore court defending the retention of 377A which criminalises sex between homosexuals, I just want to tell our government this…

a. Stop being homophobes.

b. Stop being racist in some of your national policies (you know which races you have been discriminating against).

c. Stop being bloody elitist in the way you govern starting with the warped education system to the extremely snobbish mindset among the rich and powerful elites (who can forget the brash youth who once said “Get out of my elitist uncaring face”?).

d. Stop looking down on Singaporeans (it shows in the way you wayang, the patronising way you speak to and about us, and the arrogant way you micromanage us from the draconian laws to the tight-fisted control of our CPF money).

If our government can do all of the above, then, maybe then, we will take them seriously when they preach morals and values. Until, then, please don’t try to lob false accusations at patriotic Singaporeans and claim we are xenophobic for trying to defend our rights.

And stop those laughable fallacious arguments which are full of holes. Face it that what we are witnessing is NOT just a “vocal minority”  who are speaking up against bad policies but a significant, if not, majority of Singaporeans who care about the future of our homeland.

As for xenophobes, get real. There are always some of these extremists lurking around in society in every country even though it is condemnable. It is right to condemn such behaviour but it is wrong of our government and mainstream media  to go round screaming “xenophobia” at  every vocal Singaporean who speaks up. The question is – why are we, from youths to elderly, so upset now when we have been accepting of and welcoming to immigrants, expats and numerous foreigners living and working here over the decades?

The hard truth is, while we are not against foreigners, we are troubled by the disproportionately high percentage of non-Singaporeans  in our country (at 40% now and rising to about 50% by 2030).  This sort of  percentage is not normal in any country that cares about its people, nationhood and identity. Indeed, it would be abnormal if no one spoke up and questioned the lax immigration policies and their critical impact on our lives, our jobs and our home.

So please, cease insulting loyal citizens with the misplaced and false allegation of xenophobia. And clean up your own backyard first before acting all righteous and virtuous.

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5 Responses to Xenophobia? Clean up your own act before making accusations

  1. Anonymous says:

    About point (d). How true. This arrogant I know it all attitude and behaviour has cascaded down from the PAP masters diwn to the government departments and agencies who treat everybody else as imbecilles. They the goverment people know all even though they have not worked one day in the professions and SMEs they want to control. They talk to professionals like the latter know nothing and insist others must do things their green horn government scholar-administrators’ ways. Not only patronising but downright condescending and insulting. We the voters must make the PAP lose at least four GRCs in the next GE.

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  3. John says:

    The issue is really of a govt that would not brook any criticism, implied or direct, of its policies no matter how justified such criticisms are. This is a THEM AND US govt. A govt that is desperate about its prospects in the next GE in 2016.

    • It does seem like they have created a Them vs Us culture which is very hostile and unhealthy for our nation. It should not be this way. Even if we have our differences, we will like to feel that the government is with us and on the side of the people.

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