In Singapore We’ve Forgotten: I Think That I Am Better Than You (Part 2)

Jentrified Citizen – a timely thoughtful essay by HeartTruth blogger. Yes, in our hurry to be successful, have we forgotten the important things in life such as appreciating education for helping us learn and develop into better beings rather than just seeing it as a means to a job? Our government, ministers, MPs and all of us need to relearn the meaning of life. It goes beyond the 4Cs, beyond GDP and certainly beyond building inconic artifice like the Gardens by the Bay for miillions of dollars. A simpler life can often be a richer life.

The Heart Truths

This is a two-part article to understand the real problem facing Singapore now and how we can overcome it. Part 1 of this article can be found here.

In Singapore, Where Is Our Soul?

As Singapore grew, we learnt to made functional things. We had converted our rivers into drains, but now we are converting them back into rivers. We’ve learnt to construct manicured gardens but now we are starting to realise that perhaps, we need to leave our greenery natural. When Singapore was growing in our early days, we have learnt to make things simple, useful and practical. But now, as we look back, we start to think – but where is the soul? So, we have a useful big drain that channels the water to the reservoir but where can the people go and sit by the river if they would want to? Slowly, we are beginning…

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One Response to In Singapore We’ve Forgotten: I Think That I Am Better Than You (Part 2)

  1. The Sanguine says:

    You should post this on strait times. It’s a good and sensible piece. 🙂

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