The PAP’s Policies Give Singaporeans Heart Attacks?

Apologies to my followers for not blogging for a while due to my heavy work schedule. You can join me on Facebook to read my occasional short posts there if you wish. Meantime do read this excellent analysis by Roy to understand the truth about that UN World Happiness Report which said Singapore ranked 30th happiest in the world. Read the in-depth statistical analysis and you will find Singaporeans actually rank very low on generosity and happiness. There are valid reasons causing this. – Jentrified Citizen.

The Heart Truths

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) released the World Happiness Report 2013 a few days ago at “an international workshop on September 8“. This is the second annual report. The first one was released last year.

I will jump straight into some of the findings.

According to the report, Singapore is ranked the 30th happiest country, among 156 countries (Chart 1).

photo 1 (16)

Chart 1: World Happiness Report 2013

30th looks good, right? Let’s delve further into the statistics. The happiness ranking is actually made up of a few indicators. I will look at a few of them below.

Interestingly, the happiness ranking also includes a country’s GDP per capita. Among the 156 countries compared, Singapore is the second richest country (Chart 2).


Chart 2

For the next few comparison charts, I will compare the top 20 richest countries.

For the indicator of social support, Singapore actually ranks at a…

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2 Responses to The PAP’s Policies Give Singaporeans Heart Attacks?

  1. nelsonmandala says:

    i am very unhappy 4D alway missed by 4 digits
    buy toto striked 3 digits
    ow to be happy?
    somemore muz pay cbd when i buy 4D

  2. That is kinda fake. Singapore can never be in the top 100. Haha Singapore is too unhappy.

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