Elections in Singapore: PAP’s Strategy Uncovered

Jentrified Citizen – This is too good not to share. A comprehensive look at our political history and how the PAP used all means and ways to make it harder and harder for alternative parties to contest and win elections.

The Heart Truths

In this article, I will attempt to outline the strategies used by the People’s Action Party (PAP) to ensure that they are kept in power, and the systematic strategies that they use to enact barriers to competition for the other political parties.

This article can be read in four parts.

  1. In the first part, I will look at the general election trends in Singapore to understand them. 
  2. In the second part, I will look into how PAP had developed strategies to intervene in Singapore’s general electoral model to maintain their dominance of power.
  3. In the third part, I will discuss how the shape of Singapore’s politics will evolve into in the next few years.
  4. And finally, in the fourth part, I will look into the Punggol East by-elections for a bit, based on the insights that we will glean from this article.

You can choose to read the parts that…

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