Implications of the White Paper’s Target of 6.9 Million Population

Read a very good commentary in TODAY newspaper. The writer Terence Chong shares sharp insights on the issues and implications of the Government’s plan to up our population to 6.9 million.

Here is an extract of what he wrote:”According to the White Paper, “Singaporeans form the core of our society and the heart of our nation. To have a strong and cohesive society, we must have a strong Singaporean core”.

But with Singaporeans making up only 3.8 million of the projected 6.9 million, or half of the total population, it is uncertain if this core will be stable or not, or whether it will even be identifiable.

While it may be true that identity and values are things that are constantly evolving, if one out of two people in Singapore is a foreigner, local identities and values will evolve at a rate so accelerated that it will cause strong anxiety and insecurity among core Singaporeans.

The rate of incoming foreigners will be unprecedented, especially in relation to the island-state’s small population size.

The proportion of citizens to foreigners may take the country past the tipping point where the idea of Singapore will grow increasingly ambiguous, and thus consign the nation-building project to a constant state of arrested development.


The integration process, comprising only of state-sponsored institutions such as the People’s Association or interested individuals like Integration and Naturalisation Champions, is also woefully inadequate.

This is because there are already psychological forces at play that cause anxiety over immigrants. One of these is the worry over limited national resources…”

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3 Responses to Implications of the White Paper’s Target of 6.9 Million Population

  1. So Tong says:

    And about time we get a detailed picture of how citizen have fared over the last decade instead of being snugged quietly under the term “resident population and working resident population”. If the PR vs citizen mix has changed dramatically over the last ten years, then we really need a clear picture of how citizen have fared, particularly if the displacement is from the growing PR size in addition to the non-resident impact. Can someone enlighten us on that?

  2. very good point. so far the government has just rushed non-stop into building the population in its crazed chase of GDP and to make Singapore their vision of a global city. But has it taken the time to analyse the effects on Singaporeans? What are the implications? How do Singaporeans, true blues and new, feel about the developments? All we’ve had is the rosy manipulated newsfeed from the government all these years via MSM. But the signs are showing a different story. Gallup polls over the past year have started showing the cracks in this rose-tinted facade. Many Singaporeans are not happy with the way things are going. The government needs to conduct in-depth studies to really understand the issues and settle the growing unease before we all end up plunging into an abyss.

  3. Upset Singaporean says:

    You could have added that the reason for the “crazed chase of GDP” is due to the fact that political office holders and the creme de la creme of the civil service have their bonuses and pay benchmarked to GDP increases – never mind that the rest of the population do not benefit at all from GDP increases!

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