Tan Cheng Bock weighs in on the White Paper

Some good points made and questions asked by ex-PAP MP Dr Tan Cheng Bock on his Facebook page. I have taken the liberty of reproducing what he wrote below:

“Future Shock 03/02/2013

The White paper on population growth has caused great anxiety amongst Singaporeans. They are concerned that as Singaporeans will make up only 55% of the total population in 2030, what will the country become? Easily the balance can tip us to become minorities in our own country.

Singaporeans are currently trying to cope with the daily overcrowding of trains and buses, higher health costs, competitions for homes and jobs etc. The various measures just released before the by-election have yet to be felt.

Thus this package of population change has caught them off guard. The back log of infrastructure should have been addressed and made right first. Such a move would have instilled confidence.

What is worrying is when PM admitted the govt. did not have 20/20 foresight over the last influx of immigrants to explain the infrastructure lag. This have cast doubt on the previous planning

I quote ST Sat feb2 pg D5 (Jessica Cheam) “In 2007 , when Singapore’s population was 4.6 m….URA revised its planning parameters …………based on – to 6.5m , up from a 2001 projection of 5.5m “ unquote. How then did our infrastructures of housing, transport ie road and rail, social and health amenities be so woefully short when 2001 forecast was already 5.5m? This is worrying as the govt has total control over immigration?

PM has assured that this time round the planners will create a greater buffer in its planning. Be that as it may, the projection of 6.9m is overwhelming and should be thoroughly debated.

Most, if not all people, seek a comfortable space for their family. We do not want to risk driving away our own.”…Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

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3 Responses to Tan Cheng Bock weighs in on the White Paper

  1. Winking Doll says:

    Thanks! I will go check out his Facebook post. 🙂

    • Winking Doll says:

      While I agree with his concerns raised, I find it quite rich (hypocrisy) that he is complaining about the lack of planning to cater for the huge influx of immigrants when, until 2006, Mr Tan was himself part of the ruling party that opened the immigration floodgate. Based on his wikipedia page, he had only spoke up for “Think Singaporeans First” once (in 1999), but has toed-the-line since.

      • yep some suspicion of him is warranted given his past record. but he could have beenpricked by his conscience and is now speaking up cos he is free of the party shackles. getting wiser and braver when older?

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