7 million Population?

Jentrified – Like many, if not most Singaporeans, I am feeling the squeeze in my suddenly over crowded country. What are the real reasons behind the government’s insistence on continuing to flood this little island with hundreds of thousands or a million more immigrants? Are they really so driven by the economic KPIs or is there another more worrying political agenda behind this move to up our population to 7 million or more despite the people’s anguish?

A significant shift in the demographics to comprise a larger proportion of “grateful” immigrants from countries such as Vietnam, Pakistan, India and China can have an impact on how our electorate will vote at the General Elections. These new immigrants are likely to be pro-PAP and the MIW are well aware of this major political ace card.  Will they use the immigrant numbers to their advantage? We have seen them do unsavoury stuff like using upgrading to scare voters and openly gerrymandering in the redrawing of boundaries to win votes after all. What else are they capable of doing just to stay in power?

Singapore Armchair Critic

Like a sore loser, the PAP quickly attributed its Punggol East defeat to some act of God – the “by-election effect.” We lost, not because we are incompetent but because of forces beyond our control. It appears to be a term (in the league of “ponding” and “freak flood”) PAP spin doctors conjured up to save face, and to mollify its dismayed, hardcore supporters.

PAP would be deceiving itself if it genuinely thought it lost because of the “by-election effect”.

Punggol East voters, among which 76% are below 50 years old, had sent the ruling party a very clear message on behalf of the middle/sandwiched class. The pro-opposition supporters had voted tactically by channeling their ballots to the Workers’ Party, and had stood their ground despite the fatter and juicier carrots dangled by PAP this time round.

Despite being younger and better-off…

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