whither singapore

JC- Whither Singapore? On to better days I say. Why? Just look at all the wonderful things that are happening to the people. Apathetic no longer, Singaporeans are taking ownership and speaking up for what they see is ailing this country. There is a palpable and growing wave of patriotism and love for the country. Whither Singapore? If measured by PAP’s KPIs and economic and monetary indexes, it may not be glowing. BUT measure it against the invaluable intangibles of humanity, of integrity, of doing things the decent and right way, I would say the future is looking damn bright!

Yee Jenn Jong

After the results for the Punggol East by-election was known, former Minister George Yeo made a 2-word post, “Whither Singapore” on his Facebook. Within hours, there were hundreds of comments.Whither is used in poetic language. It means ‘to what place’, or ‘to what end or purpose’. I suppose George Yeo meant where Singapore politics is heading towards, given the unexpected defeat of a previously safe SMC seat by a stunning 10.8% margin to the opposition in a 4-corner fight.

When I plunged into politics 2 years ago, I never expected myself to be actively involved in a General Election and two by-elections, plus being a keen observer of a closely fought Presidential Election; all in less than 24 months. In election-deprived Singapore, we never had such election excitement since independence.

Many firsts had taken place. For the first time, a GRC was lost to the opposition. The GRC is viewed…

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