JC- This is an excellent and incisive commentary by The Heart Truths blogger. We have all been asking PAP to listen hard to the people till we are sounding like a broken record playing on a loop. But we have no choice but to keep this up until we see real and honest changes being made that truly benefit Singaporeans.

The Heart Truths

By now, most of Singapore would know that WP’s Lee Li Lian had won the Punggol East by-election and soundly thumped PAP’s Koh Poh Koon.

WP won 54.52% of the votes, whereas PAP could only capture 43.71% of the votes. WP won by a very convincing margin of 10.81%.

This is compared to when WP had won 43.71% of the votes in General Election 2011 and PAP had won 54.54%. How the tide has turned. There was a swing of 13.51 percentage points to WP and a swing of 10.83% away from PAP.

A) Main Takeaway

The most obvious conclusion you need to draw from this by-election is this: It was never about the candidate. It was never about local issues. It has always been about national issues. And it has always been about the parties. Which is why right from the start, DPM Teo Chee Hean had tried to…

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  1. kachil says:

    I hope Singaporeans will become more vocal and let the Workers’ Party know that they want PAP to be sacked. I also hope that more Singaporeans will make use of usenet via a newsgroup called soc.culture.singapore to voice their feelings. Usenet is more difficult for the authorities to censor.

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