Why Singaporeans are jubilant over WP’s win in Punggol East

Congrats to Workers Party Lee Li Lian for winning the By-election! We thank the residents of Punggol East for choosing wisely for the sake of our future. KUMSIA!

And now I will like to offer a thought on why so many Singaporeans islandwide are absolutely jubilant about LLL winning the by-election. Most of us do not live in Punggol East SMC and yet many are cheering as if they won the 4D! Methinks it is because such victories, small though they may be, represent a step forward towards the reclaiming back of our country from the tyrants in white. The win in Punggol inspires the people – they see that heaven has eyes, the little Davids can defeat the Goliaths and the seemingly impossible can be possible.

I too share the joy of this victory. And I am delighted to see this earnest patriotism sweeping Singapore with more and more fellow men and women boldly stepping forth with renewed passion to make changes for a better Singapore. Majulah Singapura!

Whilst we cast our eyes on the bigger goals of fixing a country that has gone awry,  let us also keep a close watch on the PAP to ensure they don’t “Aim” to fix the non-PAP wards like Punggol East SMC.

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3 Responses to Why Singaporeans are jubilant over WP’s win in Punggol East

  1. neutral one says:

    ditto and more blogs like yours to speak for singapore. 🙂

  2. yes and more people like you will come forth to speak up for truth and justice! 🙂

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