Cooling-off Day and the Issue of Integrity

Ok, I have reconfirmed that Cooling-off Day’s rules apply to Polling Day too! What a disingenious law. All for the purpose of silencing the people and to protect the ruling party’s power. It takes a devious mind to come up with such ridiculous draconian laws in a supposed first world democracy. And as usual, there are double standards. The people are muzzled while the pro-PAP mainstream media are allowed to sing the praises of their master on CoD.

And PM Lee dares proclaim with a straight face that PAP is “on the side of the people”? And what’s that claim about having integrity? Actions speak louder than hollow words. All we are seeing is Hypocrisy with a capital H.

There is confusion among many people as to when the COD rules end. In the intro of the press release issued by the Elections Department it says “Cooling-off Day is A Day when campaigning is disallowed and election advertising must not be published or displayed.”

But the Elections Department states in the very next paragraph of its press release “the following campaign and election advertising activities “are prohibited on Cooling-off Day and Polling Day by the Parliamentary Elections Act”.  The law even says “candidates and supporters should refrain from attending public events on Cooling-off Day and Polling Day” except for religious or work reasons (ok does that mean no grouping in kopi-tiams too?).

There is also confusion as to whether the draconian rules apply to individuals. I don’t think it does as there is an explicit clause in this law that states there are exceptions to the prohibitions which include “The transmission of personal political views by individuals to other individuals, on a non-commercial basis, using the Internet, telephone or electronic means”.

Going by this exception, I would think it is ok for us mere mortals to discuss all elections matters. So people, don’t be frightened off again by bullies who try to intimidate. Speak all you want about this hot topic – it is our right to do so in the first place.

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7 Responses to Cooling-off Day and the Issue of Integrity

  1. John says:

    The gag is not over after cooling day, but continues into polling day!

  2. dotseng says:

    Crooked people cannot live without their crooked ways

  3. Solid Citizen says:

    Stupid arrogant high-handed Push-and-Push (PAP) chaps.

  4. There’s no confusion at all… if you are very technical about it.

    Campaigning and election advertising has been prohibited on Polling Day. It’s there before the birth of COD… I think.

    COD is technically a day before PD and the campaigning and advertising prohibitions apply on COD too.

    The use of ‘should refrain’ instead of ‘shall not’, is more of a advisory to avoid any contentious situations. Remember how reports were lodge on 2 candidates separately in GE2011? One for writing ‘Cooling off day starts now!’ allegedly just after midnight and another for some sarcastic remarks on the former? Both were not prosecuted because technically, neither campaigned nor advertised.

    But don’t believe all ape writes here. Afterall, it’s kind of hard to explain should you be prosecuted base on what ape say. I’m sure the authority won’t buy in to ‘but ape says it’s ok leh?’

    Anyway, we’re not daft. We can see how COD works to the advantage of some people.

  5. hi @ape thanks for your input. most people are not familar with the laws especially those that are vaguely phrased. No matter what, it is just not right to try and stop the people from commenting on their own country’s elections.

  6. Hang ah! I didn’t take bets…

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