Punggol East By-election – Vote for a better Singapore

I have seen and heard the four candidates running in the Punggol East By-election and I have to say, hand on heart, I really do not like all the three male candidates. Not being sexist in any way BTW.

Let me count the ways I do not like these alpha males:

a. PAP – KBK or is it KPK…a candidate with a name that is hard to remember and a face that is harder to forget.  He looked quite cute at first, in a cartoony goofy way from the pictures. Then I read that some children had run away when they saw him. I finally saw and heard him on TV when he made a rally speech and I got a little scared too. Colorectal Doc Koh Poh Koon came across as intimidating with his steely eyes, his tone and finger wagging and it reminded me of all the hard-as-nails smiling white tigers. Besides, I am wary of instant politicians since he parachuted into PAP only a month before the BE.

b. Reform Party – That Kenneth Jeyaratnam  is full of fire and brimstone. He has the heart to help Singapore, the super education and the passion to push forth. But where is his EQ? If only he didn’t go around badmouthing others and if only he wasn’t such a hotheaded man who  reacts badly to the people’s criticisms. Mouthing off in person and on social media doesn’t show grace under pressure. No offence but papa JBJ was a way better politician than KJ who still has much to learn.

c. SDA -Desmond Lim. One line -“I dunno what to say!”. Tried watching his online rally video and I just couldn’t get past the first 5 seconds. It was too painful to watch and hear. Poor chap means well but think he needs to know his limits. The voters aren’t daft and they expect a helluva lot more than just good intentions from their MPs.

So, in a nutshell, that leaves me with just Workers’ Party candidate Lee Li Lian. She is no high-flying scholar, she doesn’t speak perfect English, and she can still work on being more polished. But she comes across as pretty dynamic, sensible and intelligent. And she doesn’t make me cringe unlike with the other three men.

The best of the lot

The best of the lot

Li Lian is also backed by a hard-working party that has consistently shown dexterity, sincerity and integrity in how it deals with the people and in Parliament. The WP also doesn’t resort to “goodies-bribes”, threats and dirty politics to win an election. And that is much more than we can say about a certain party that is full of hypocrisy and questionable principles.

Hopefully, when V Day comes this Saturday, the residents of Punggol East will consider the bigger picture when they cast their vote. That person should be someone who not only brings value to their constituency but who also brings hope in the remaking of a new and better Singapore. We all deserve better.

Watch this video for more info on LLL.   http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=k7AGVzeYQ0E

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9 Responses to Punggol East By-election – Vote for a better Singapore

  1. Hi Rachel. Thanks for sharing.

    Outward appeal factor wise, ape agrees that LLL beats all other candidate (maybe ape being a heterosexual male has something to do with it :p)

    Nonetheless, a candidate has to be more than just outward appearance – election ain’t no Singapore Idol.

    Ape’s with you in that sincerity and integrity are two important considerations. On top of that, ape also look for conviction. These 3 factors are really difficult to assess… only time will tell.

    May the best candidate wins for the better of Punggol East residents and Singapore.

  2. thanks for your comment Ape. of course it is much more than outward appeal. at the very least the candidate should not turn off the voters or make us distrust him or her. eh btw who is Rachel??

  3. Anon says:

    I agree, and I like hearing a point of view from the ladies too (many bloggers are male ,,,).

    Ah Lian comes across sincere and “real” – right down to her missing two front teeth!! Similarly, her answers to residents or press questions, pretty down to earth.

    KPK (or KBK) surprisingly blundered in many ways during the campaign. Surprisingly, because other than Tin Pei Ling, I cannot remember a PAP candidate so lambasted on-line, with regular doses of stumbles. “As professionals, we need 2 cars”, threatening voters on the very first day of campaign to not expect PAP to stand by them if they vote opposition (hello .. you’re not even elected yet .. don’t threaten so quickly lah), “my wife told me the people don’t want you so why you ngeh ngeh lai want to contest …

    I hope the people of Punggol will vote wisely too. The ONLY way for PAP to change, is to keep making them lose seats .. until they change. Not cosmetic change, tweaking here and there, but real change.

  4. @anon I think it is not that he ngei ngei lai but that PAP doesn’t have a choice. Their larder imay be empty of talents who are able to appeal to voters. Dont forget KPK had refused the first invitation by PM to join his team. He might have been arm twisted a little to join. ngei ngei must have him lor.

    • I think it’s not the lack of talents with appeal but a lack of committed ones. The handful of PAP Aljunied team could have been the candidates for HBE and PEBE but they punched out too soon… can’t face defeat? Just guessing… just guessing.

  5. neutral one says:

    short, sweet and powerful..best piece among the many analysis of BE candidates i read so far. may i add Li lian deserves a resounding victory for those very same reasons you stated.

  6. thanks @neutralone . I didn’t think there was much to say about those 3 men as their weakness were quite glaring. no need for technical analysis for this lot.

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