sdp naive

JC – Andrew said it all. The incredible naivety and hare-brained proposal by SDP is just too shocking. Pity when they had some potentially good candidates in the party. Chee really needs a reality check. It is not too late. Pull out of the By-election to redeem some goodwill and rethink its strategies. It is still some 4 years to 2016.

The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) overtures to the Workers’ Party (WP) are, to put it simply, upsetting to SDP supporters, one would imagine. The party’s actions have attracted criticism all round – from both sides of the fence – and deservedly so. Alex Au called the SDP’s proposal for a “joint-campaign” with the WP a “hare-brained” idea.

I would call it naive too. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I first read about it online.

Right from the get-go, the SDP faltered, by laying its stake or claim to Punggol East – only to later propose a “discussion” with the WP over who should be sent to contest the ward. And as if that is not already seen as dishonest enough, the SDP chose to release and publish its email correspondence with the WP. It is something which I will never understand, no matter what reasons are proferred

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