Punggol East By-election well-timed to defuse AIM timebomb?

Just yesterday, I had questioned the interesting timing of PM Lee’s directive to the National Development Ministry to conduct a review of the AIM-town council saga.

And today, there was an announcement that the government had called a snap by-election at Punggol East SMC.

Interesting. Parliament sitting starts next Monday and that week is when Workers Party will grill the government on town council management issues related to AIM.

Guess what? Nomination Day is on 16 January, same week as when Parliament session resumes. Polling Day is 26 Jan.

Guess a by-election is a great tactic to divert attention from the AIM time bomb. They must be hoping the irate public will change their focus to the by-election from today till at least Feb.

In today’s multi-tasking era, I think the people are able to focus on more than one issue and to keep AIM alive until all the critical questions have been answered satisfactorily. As for the mainstream media, will they aim their news attention at the by-election to bury AIM? Your guess is as good as mine.

EDIT – Workers’ Party subsquently withdrew the motion as they want to hear the results of the government’s review first. Smart move.

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4 Responses to Punggol East By-election well-timed to defuse AIM timebomb?

  1. Janeway says:

    There might be some unease in the mind of the average voter about this AIM matter but the unease will not translate into a vote against the ruling party. What will be of interest is the percentage of the vote for the other parties.

  2. nothing in life is certain hence a PAP win is not guaranteed and they know it too otherwise why call such a snap election with only 5 days notice to Nomination Day? They want and need all the advantages they can get. Let’s how things pan out. Wll be an exciting by-election to watch.

  3. Sounds like what fireman term ‘fire belt’. Creating a controlled fire belt so that the bigger fire burns itself out.

  4. Jake says:

    Don’t think it distracts from the issue at all. AIM would most probably be an issue covered by opposition parties during rallies. If PAP wished that a by election wld stop people from talking about it, they are sorely mistaken.

    The best hope for the issue not to be taken up during rallies would be if WP were the only party running against them. They are already tabling it in parliament and might be bound by parliamentary protocol not to comment on it.

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