misAimed Part 6

JC – Alex Au is back and hitting bullseye yet again! Goes to show, you can kick (sue) a man but you can’t keep a good man down. Write on Alex!

PS: It was just plain dumb to use PAP HQ address for AIM. Aother fine example that sinks LKY’s hole-ridden theory as it shows that paying lots of money to hire top guns in civil service doesn’t necessarily get you brains and talent.

Yawning Bread

Facebook postings about the sale of town council software to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM), a PAP-owned company, fell off dramatically soon after news broke that Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyers had sent me a letter. Possibly, people felt very unsure what was safe to talk about anymore.

Therefore, I think it is important for me to clarify that the statements in the article that I had to take down, and that Lee took exception to, were not, strictly speaking, statements about the sale of the software to AIM, but phrases and sentences pertaining to him. They were statements and questions I had asked that Lee felt questioned his integrity, corruptibility and abuse of power should he not launch an investigation. The 21 readers’ comments that the lawyers cited as defamatory were of the same vein.

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2 Responses to misAimed Part 6

  1. faber says:

    KBW is MND Minister. Also MP and member of one of the 14 TCs. He is also the PAP Chairman. LHL is PM and PAP Sec-General, also an MP and member of one of the 14 TCs. These are facts. With so many hats on, it would be very interesting to see/hear what each would say about this saga. So far, not a single word. It’s a time bomb gone nuclear…….

  2. Ali Baba says:

    I am just a simple layman, trying to understand all that being said about this whole saga of AIM. What I really could not understand is why we have one political leader to another from the ruling party come up with something, and I don’t even considered a diversion or side step on the issue. Interestingly it started with a couple of simple questions from a blogger of which I expected straight answers from whoever is in-charge to answers these question, but what we have from Doc Teo, and then lawyer letter from our Prime Minister, and then Ms Grace Fu and now Mr Baey. I don’t want to imagine neither do I want to form an impression of what is going on with the department in-charge from the ruling party. Sincerely, I hope in the coming days we hear answers that is straight and let this matter rest and then hopefully the residents will soon have a new MP.

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