JC- The Hard Unvarnished Truth in numbers, facts and charts on how the government takes our hardearned money while they get fatter and fatter….

The Heart Truths

Dear Singaporeans,

Have you been feeling that you don’t seem to be earning as much as you had been a few years ago? Have you been feeling that the value of your money seems to have lessened? Do you actually feel your finances are tighter and it’s harder to live on, even as it seems your salaries are increasing?

Do you sometimes get angry with the government but feel that you should perhaps not, because you do not want to wrong the government? Sometimes, you look around and Singapore looks like the perfect place to be – one of the best infrastructures around and the world’s highest GDP per capita! Why should we be discontented? We should learn to be happy?

Survey after survey shows that we are the world’s most unhappy people, so much so that we’ve become the people with the least ability to show emotions in the…

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