Aiming at the Truth

JC- There are none so blind as those who insist they are not wrong by their low standard of morals (or lack of it). That’s why we have thieves, murderers and cheaters in this world.

The conflict of interest, lack of proper governance and ethics and dirty politics are all so crystal clear in this PAP-AIM saga. It is pathetic how the ruling party leaders have turned into the proverbial Emperor without clothes who cannot see what the public sees. And yet these MIW want to inculcate values in our young? How very worrying. Shame is obviously not a word that exists in their vocabulary.

Yawning Bread


Teo Ho Pin’s latest public statement regarding the sale of the town council computer system to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM) is far from convincing. If anything, it lends even more weight to suspicions that it was improperly decided and executed.

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