Yale, Singapore, and the Business of Liberal Arts – In Plain Sight

Yale, Singapore, and the Business of Liberal Arts – In Plain Sight.

An interesting commentary on the unhealthy role of self-censorship in Singapore and its union with Yale. Hopefully, the students will be discerning and courageous enough not be trapped by the power play and unseen wall of fear. – JC

In Singapore and in some American business corporations, self-censorship is prompted by fear of established power. That kind of self-censorship assumes many subtle modulations and guises in daily life. Even here at Yale, as I saw last spring when I attended a panel discussion called “Singapore Uncensored,” this self-censorship of fear, evident among the Singaporeans on the panel, was reinforced by in the audience who engaged in what I’d call a self-censorship of seduction. It is prompted not by the fear of state or of corporate power but by the allure of power: Some students silence themselves almost enthusiastically, hoping to get closer to insider networking and to high status and power itself by proving they can be relied on never to mention that an emperor has no clothes.”

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