an excellent post by blogger Alex. We share the same thoughts that Singaporeans have changed but has PAP? We do not share PAP’s relentless pursuit of economic goals as we are seeking a life with more meaning and a nation with more soul. When will they ever understand and share in the people’s aspirations? …JC

Yawning Bread

When Lawrence Wong said that an emerging thread in the public dialogues that he has been part of has been one of “wanting a kinder society, a more gracious society,” his is a rather late observation. I wonder too if the Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth has merely scratched the surface, because, if the Sunday Times story of his epiphany is anything to go by, he transplants  these outward demonstrations of simple decency into the term “values”. “Values” mean far more than that, they go deeper than that, as I will discuss further down.

His realisation is late. Many academics and observers I have spoken to have been saying something similar for years now: that increasingly, Singaporeans consider the questions of identity and values to be high priority.

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