How many times do we have to say Bugger Off to CoC?

No, No, No to code of conduct

I am taking the unusual step of repeating a post I had written  in response to our government’s dogged push for an Internet Code of Conduct. Don’t like doing this but I felt this was necessary since Information, Communications and the Arts Minister Yaacob Ibrahim again repeated his call to netizens to set a code to self govern what goes on online (read – self-censor).

This time he did it while addressing students at a dialogue yesterday  (yep brainwashing starts very early these days). The minister stressed that a code of conduct is meant to “encourage civilised behaviour online”. He was quoted by MSM as telling the students that unless there is a code of conduct, when something goes wrong there will be people asking the government to do something about it and that this is worse because having laws would stifle the internet. Must say I love how he had cleverly put the PR spin on it to make the government sound so magnanimous. Guess he had to, otherwise it might have sounded a tad harsh if he spelled it out bluntly – “Self-govern OR Else!”

The minister also added that a code of conduct would set the parameters for “an honest, constructive and rational discussion”. Honest? Really? How many people out there think that we now have a hell lot more honest views heard thanks to the unfettered internet to balance out the one-sided spiel fed to us by the MSM? Those who agree please Kee Chiu.

And honestly, if the government were to be honest, can they admit that they are actually afraid of what might happen to their power base if the internet were to continue operating in a way that they can’t control? It must be traumatic for a party that is so used to having an iron-grip control over what its citizens see, read and hear to suddenly feel so not in control and a little lost in a new paradigm that they do not fully understand.

Anyway, out of courtesy, I feel obliged to give MICA a response again and to help them understand the situation and that is —  We the netizens of the online universe post united as one people and we still maintain our stance on COC which can be summed up in two words – “Bugger Off”!

In case the good folks at ICA ministry still don’t understand how the internet paradigm works and why we online peeps feel this way, please read my previous post “Don’t See, Don’t Hear, Don’t Speak and now Don’t Write?” to find out more.

And just in case they still don’t understand “bugger off”,  let me add a few simpler terms – “Leave Us Alone” and “Grow up and learn to deal with the new normal”.

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