No Internet Code But Start “Brainwashing” From Young?

So it looks like there will be no “clampdown” on the internet and no Internet Code of Conduct (yet?) in Singapore accordng to comments made by the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Yaacob Ibrahim in a news report today….

That was good news until I got to this chilling part in the same report…”Separately, on developing programmes to increase media literacy to help netizens be more discerning, Dr Yaacob said that the National Library Board and Education Ministry are rolling such programmes out. The Media Development Authority and Infocomm Development Authority will also be involved. The programme – for primary and secondary schools – is important for students, especially young ones who log onto the Internet, said Dr Yaacob. He said this would allow students to check information or discussions they come across, to determine if they are true.”

Interpret it as you will but going by this Government’s past and present actions, one can deduce that this education programme will serve their political interests and agenda. Methinks it will be prudent for parents and caring family members to be alert as to what the kids are being taught in school these days when it comes to topics like national education, media literacy and character building. Just saying…

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2 Responses to No Internet Code But Start “Brainwashing” From Young?

  1. Amabelle says:

    Totally agree tk a look at the social studies textbook ! It wasn’t like tat during my time !

  2. yes it is very worrying especially now that the new MOE minister is taking a harder line by introducing media literacy brainwashing And Character Education on top of national education programmes. We should spread the word and enlighten fellow Singaporeans on what the govt is trying to do to the young.

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