The Hougang Spirit Wins!

Victory for the People by the People

And so Workers Party has won the by-election in Hougang. And it won respectably with 62% despite all the bricks and bats thrown their way by the PAP and mainstream media during the campaigning.

What does this win say of the Hougang residents? Nothing new, just what we have all been saying that they are one helluva courageous group of Singaporeans who stand unbowed before threats, bullying and even the temptation of freebies. And despite all the mud thrown at WP by the media and the MIW, the residents remained sharp and clear about who they trust and what is not trustworthy.

By voting for Workers Party yet again, the Hougang people have shown that they place the nation above self. If they wanted to think only for themselves they would have voted for the PAP which comes with lots of goodies like upgrading. But most of them did not. They voted with the big picture in mind – on what is best for the nation’s future, for democracy and for fair play. Hougang is certainly a good role model for the rest of Singapore in this respect.

With this reprisal of their brave act, Hougang folks have once again shown Singaporeans (and hopefully the PAP) what it means to be selfless and to have courage and integrity.

Hougang, I salute you guys! You are special indeed! May Hougang always Huat ah!

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