DPM Tharman: “Average Singaporean will not feel the effects of a sharp inflation” Seriously!?!

Shock of the day: Our Deputy Prime Minister Thaman has been quoted by the mainstream media as saying that the “Average Singaporean will not feel the effects of a sharp inflation” in a speech he may at a May Day dinner tonight. Read the Asiaone report here…http://business.asiaone.com/Business/News/Story/A1Story20120429-342813.html

Thought of the day: Which rock has he and our leaders been living under? We, the masses, have been feeling the daily sharp pinches of inflation from the price increases in things that affect our  everyday lives –  the cost of rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil, medicines,vitamins, public transport, electricity and water bills, petrol, rentals and housing etc have all gone up! Beginning to wonder just how accurate are their CPI figures cos’ based on what we pay in real life, the increases have been a lot more than the 3% to 5% statistics which they reported.

Conclusions of the day: a) Our leaders are seriously out of touch with reality with their technocrat mentality and multi-million dollar salaries b)They think we are daft enough to believe their spin on the inflation situation.

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